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Zu Warriors (2001) – Full Length Movie Dubbed in Hindi HD

  • Full  Movie Dubbed in Hindi HD Video
    A charismatic warrior (Ekin Cheng), a venerable abbot and a swordswoman (Cecilia Cheung) battle the evil phantom Insomnia.

    Directed by Tsui Hark, The Legend of Zu is an adaptation of the 64-volume epic novel of the same name, and follows several warriors training in the mysterious Zu mountains. Somehow, the powers of the mountain are absorbed by the warriors and subsequently used to help combat the evil forces threatening the world’s safety. When the mountains are invaded by a creature known only as the Blood Demon, the warriors must pool their skills in order to preserve humankind. The film features Louis Koo, Kelly Lin, Zhang Ziyi, Ekin Cheng, Sammo Hung, and Cecilia Cheung.

    PG-13 (for fantasy action violence)
    Art House & International, Science Fiction & Fantasy
    Directed By:
    Hark Tsui
    Written By:
    Li Man-choi, Hark Tsui
    In Theaters:
    Aug 19, 2001 wide
    On Disc/Streaming:
    Sep 17, 2002
    104 minutes
    Miramax Films

    Initial release: August 9, 2001
    Directors: Tsui Hark, Yuen Woo-ping
    Music composed by: Ricky Ho
    Budget: 35 million USD
    Screenplay: Tsui Hark, Man Choi Lee


    Cecilia Cheung
    Ekin Cheng
    Louis Koo


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